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On the verge of el Dias de la muerto the souls of the past are locked out of Cien Lucis. Lost in the void between life and afterwards, Arturo is summoned by death himself to restore the day of the dead and restore order to life.

Controls (Keyboard/Mouse | Xbox Controller)

Movement: W, A, S, D | Left Joystick

Sprint: Left Shift (hold down) | Left Trigger (LT)

Jump: Spacebar | 'A'

Interact: 'E' Key | 'X'

Attack: Left Mouse Button | Right Trigger (RT)

Continue Dialogue: Left Mouse Button | 'A'

Pause: Escape ('Esc') or 'P' Key

Skip Cutscene: Spacebar | 'A'

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The Team

Allison Luminarias: Animator

Georgia Bell: Animator

Alex Antoun: Animator

Garth Waters: Animator

Gaspar Mc Fadyen Janssens: Animator

Richard Castellanos: Animator

Jasmine Popovski: Animator

Dave Gulati: Games Designer

Jonah Quintero: Games Designer

Daniel Butters: Audio

Pratik Thapa: Audio

Tyler Burrows: Audio

Catie Vandenberg: Audio

Ziyuan Ma: Audio

Rothangzuala Ralte: Audio

Patch notes:

Patch 1.21:


Added functionality for skipping cutscenes.


Fixed texture on lamp post.

Fixed texture on red carpet.

Fixed texture on rope barrier.


Fixed pause menu.

Fixed Diablo spawning.

Fixed Diablo hearts.

Fixed bee easter egg.

Fixed candle canvas.

Added missing texture to Diablo scythe.

Replaced Muerto placeholder model with actual model.

Fixed Rosa cheer animation.

Fixed bug where cutscene wouldn't play.

Attack animation changed for Diablo.

Patch 1.20:


Festival Level added to the game.

All level lighting completed and built.

Added cutscenes to all levels.

Added controls page to main menu.

Added credits page to main menu.

Fixed walking audio issue.

Fixed animation where Arturo keeps walking while dialogue is being played.

Replaced Muerto placeholder models with actual Muerto models in all level.

Modified "E Interact" image. It now incorporates the "X" button for Xbox controllers.

Fixed jump animation (Arturo now jumps correctly according to his animation).

Dialogue continue button changed to "A" button for Xbox controllers.

Walk audio plays exactly when Arturo's feet touch the ground.

Checkpoint placeholder models replaced with actual models.

Checkpoints now have a shader to indicate their interactability.

Added a death animation for Demonio.

Added a death animation for Arturo.

Added animation event for Demonio's attack (It now damages the player at the right time during it's animation).

Added pause menu to all levels.

Fixed bug where cursor would not show during dialogue, pause menu and game over screen.

Added credits video in.

Added background music to credits video.

Added easter egg interactions in all levels.

Graveyard Level:

Added Ward destroy animation.

Added Ward hit sound.

Added "Game Over" screen in Graveyard level.

Fixed bug where jumping on the spikes in Graveyard level wouldn't kill Arturo.

Villa Level:

Implemented Tres Harmanos in Villa_New scene.

Implemented Tres Harmanos footstep stomp audio.

Implemented Tres Harmanos punch audio.

Fixed bug where Rosa Note audio keeps replaying when player walks in that area. (Fixed by replacing it with a cutscene)

Invisible collider near Rosa Note fixed.

Festival Level:

Implemented Diablo in festival scene.

Implemented Carlos in festival scene.

Implemented Rosa Maria in festival scene.

Removed the ability to jump out of the map/skip areas.

Patch 1.11:


Refined controller support in-game.

Refined Arturo animations:

  • Attack
  • Jump

Added time delay between attacks. (Removes ability to attack infinitely)

Refined dialogue box.

Graveyard Level:

Tweaked/added dialogues.

Fixed another dialogue trigger that allows the player to skip a tutorial.

Refined ward health.

Fixed checkpoint SFX.

Patch 1.10:


Added controller support in-game.

Added Arturo animations:

  • Attack
  • Jump

Changed dialogue box.

Added character icons to dialogue box.

Added UI pop-ups for interactions.

Added COTL main menu.

Graveyard Level:

Lighting tweaked.

Added textures to game objects throughout level.

Fixed missing colliders on pond and rocks.

Carried Villa's scene lighting into Graveyard scene.

Removed the ability to clip onto a collider near the start of scene.

Removed the ability to get out of the map.

Added health bar to wards.

Tweaked/added dialogues.

Fixed a dialogue trigger that allows the player to skip a tutorial.

Dialogue text fixed to also teach controller input.

Villa Level:

Added assets and textures to the scene.

Removed duplicate of the player character from inside the main villa building.

Locked cursor to the centre of the screen.

Fixed dialogue system.

Fixed audio to play only one background music at a time.

Fixed/tweaked overall scene lighting.

Replaced unlockable door object with a proper representation of a door.

Dialogue tweaked.


Initial build.


COTL_LiveBuild1.21.zip 243 MB

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